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We produce premium solutions for the most diverse customers on a regional level. Arts and music performances, sports, educational projects, news, tourism or social related events with variable content demand. We have access to the most distinct and specialized talent in the world. We can deliver turnkey projects or just become part of the production and/or post-production chain.

We provide services meeting the most demanding quality standards worldwide. We can handle the entire audio production for a VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) project, capture in 360 degrees, interactivity development and/or comprehensive advice to the overall project design, according to the needs of each particular case.

Company Reel

Our services

360° video capture

Object-based audio for VR/AR

Game character creation
using Unity, Blender, FMOD, etc.

Immersive (360°) audio
recording, mixing and mastering

Music production for interactive platforms

Game audio implementation



Turner Argentina

Sony Music


S-Music Argentina


Fundación Mercedes Sosa


Comercial Nuevo Peugeot 3008

Proyecto educativo en audio 360

Pedro Aznar en el Teatro Gran Rex

Gustavo Santaolalla en el CCK

Palo Pandolfo en Lollapalooza

Carly Simon VR (USA)

Mercedes Sosa 360


Who we are

Andrés Mayo
Project Leader.
Production team coordinator.
CEO of 360 SoundExperience.

Martin Muscatello
Mixing Engineer.
Specialized in multi-platform 360 audio.

Mauricio Gargel
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.
Specialized in Ambisonics
& binaural recordings.

Nicolás Durán Blanco
Audio/Video production and post-production


Tim Gedemer
Audio post-production expert. Musician.
President and CEO of Source Sound, Inc..

Michael Gitig
Head of Business Development at G-Technology.
Specialized in the convergence of media,
technology and commerce.

Contact us


Tel: +54 11 4718 1234

Cell/Whatsapp: +54 9 11 4418 0308